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International High Schools Geithain e.V.

The new school club, new instruments, new games or soccer goals, a redesign of the schoolyard, the establishment of a school garden, our new library, our school festivals - there are unquestionably countless good ideas, concepts and student wishes that we are trying to implement little by little together with the school management and the school board. If you like, you are welcome to support us in word and deed or financially. The strength and commitment of a booster club benefits the school and the children directly. We would therefore be very pleased if we could win you as a new member.

You can find the application form HERE.

The Board

1st Chairman: Mr. Jörg Reinker (g. r.)

2nd Chairman: Mr. Sebastian Roscher (g. l.)

Treasurer: Mrs. Jacqueline Landgraf (not on the photo)

Secretary: Mrs. Weidenhammer (4th from left)

Member: Ms. Anja Hentke-Stets (3rd from left)

Member: Mrs. Proske (2nd from left)

Member: Mrs. Schulze (2nd from right)

Questions and answers

In the school association, important ideas for an innovative and sustainable school atmosphere are prepared and supported in discussion with the other school stakeholders. Any supportive and active participation is crucial for successful educational work.

Only membership fees and donations make our creative association work possible. Only with the largest possible budget can we support the students and the facilities of the schools. For example, school books, interactive learning boards or computer technology could be purchased.

The school fees are necessary at private schools because the schools in free sponsorship are not completely financed by the Free State. The school association is a very important partner for project-related individual funding.

All those who identify with the association's goals, want to expand the educational possibilities for action and create a stimulating learning environment with targeted support - and thus realize the goals of the statutes.

Contact and bank details

Internationale Gymnasien Geithain e.V.
Friedrich-Fröbelstraße 1
04643 Geithain

Phone: +49 34341 46012
Fax: +49 34341 46013

1. chairman
Mr. Jörg Reinker

2nd Chairman
Mr. Sebastian Roscher

Bank details

Of course, we are also happy about every single donation to our support association.

Leipziger Volksbank


Businesses and companies that support/have supported the International Business High School and the International Gymnasium Geithain through donations, sponsoring, internships, company visits and the organization of lessons can be found here. here as download.

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