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Frequently asked questions

We are a "state-approved alternative school". This means that we teach according to the Saxon curriculum. Students with a good high school diploma can achieve a full Abitur in 3 school years at IWG. All students take VBWL as a 2nd advanced course. The acquisition of the general university entrance qualification at our institution entitles the student to take up a freely selectable course of study at any university, university of applied sciences or university of cooperative education.

The tall students of the IWG can also participate in the food service during the 30-minute lunch break in the TREFF, which is also used as a dining room by the IGG, located in the same building.

No. This again has legal backgrounds. Students must even be instructed that driving vehicles on the schoolyard is prohibited.

They distract from the lesson. During the break, children should communicate with each other or relax and not play on their cell phones.

If contact is necessary, the telephone in the secretary's office is available or a teacher can be contacted.

Our school offers all-day care until 4 p.m., whereby grades 5, 6 and 7 are cared for in the afternoon area of the school or they choose a study group from the wide range of activities on offer.

Textbooks can be borrowed for a small fee.

Sign it out by phone before the first lesson and also remember to cancel the meal. Students of age may not excuse themselves, but must be signed out by their legal guardian. After the 4th day of illness, the school requires a doctor's note as proof. Excursions and class trips are also school events for which your child may not be absent without an excuse. If your child is excused from sports, he/she is still required to attend sports classes.

Everyone is responsible for making up the missed material. It is best to assign a reliable student to act as a facilitator. For more extensive absences, transcripts can also be copied at school.

A make-up appointment for missed work will be held every 14 days. The students attend the appointment following the end of the sick period independently. If several papers have to be made up, the dates must be arranged individually with the subject teacher concerned. Unexcused absences will result in a grade of 6.


The following regulation applies in case of illness (or other valid reason) according to school attendance regulations in the version of 09.03.2004:

"If a pupil is prevented from attending school due to illness or for other [...] compelling reasons, the school must be notified immediately, stating the reason and the expected duration of the prevention. [...] In the case of [a telephone] notification of the school, the written notification shall be submitted within three days. [...]

In case of illness lasting more than five days [...], the class teacher or the tutor may demand that the excused person submit a medical certificate. In case of conspicuously frequent or long illnesses, the principal [...] may require the submission of an official or confidential medical certificate. [...]"

In addition, absence from examinations (upper secondary school) and exams (BLF, Abitur, etc.) will only be excused with a medical certificate. If no proof is provided, the performance not rendered will be assessed with a grade of 6 or 0 points.

Yes, a locker can be rented at the school where work materials that are not needed all the time can be deposited. In consultation with the subject teachers, it is also possible to store books in the subject room.

The evaluation scale is uniform for the SIS schools and is based on the provisions of the school regulations for vocational high schools in Saxony. It can be viewed at the subject teacher or is handed out by the class teacher.

Collection can only take place after the official issue date and by prior arrangement in the secretary's office.

There are several possibilities, e.g. membership in the school support association, support at festivals and celebrations, assistance with work assignments, through monetary or material donations or with your own creative ideas.

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